About Andrea Dean

Certified Pilates Instructor

I love teaching and educating my clients in the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, helping them grow taller, stronger, for longer (like into really old age).


My fitness philosophy is based on the study and critical application of the original principles of Joseph Pilates, developed over 100 years ago. I incorporate these principles into every class I teach… Pilates, Piloxing® (yep, Pilates and boxing) and Essentrics™. The common core (pun intended) of these disciplines is a focus on posture – which is the key for healthy and injury-free bodies!


There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing clients improve their mindfulness, body awareness, posture, alignment, strength, flexibility, physical health and fitness. I believe in teaching Pilates foundations to clients in the studio… so they know how to integrate these principles into their everyday active life.


I strive to find fresh and engaging ways to maintain my own physical fitness, flexibility, and core strength and share this with my clients. I believe that having fun at what you are doing is the key to success!


I practice everything I teach. I enjoy cycling, swimming, surfing, skating, skiing and time spent with my two young daughters and my husband. And, I intend to keep up this active lifestyle until I am very old! I am addicted to movement and with Andrea Dean Pilates and Movement, you will be too.

Andrea Dean

Photo by Jody Boryski



I believe in continuous education and study in the fields of movement and anatomy. These combined credentials give me an understanding of both the beauty and function of the human body, allowing me to be a leader in proper, safe, purposeful training of the body.


  • Comprehensive Pilates Certification, Pilates Core Integration Program
  • Pilates Mat Certified, Pilates Core Integration Program
  • Certified Elite Piloxing® Instructor (first in Western Canada)
  • Certified Classical Stretch/Essentrics™ Instructor, Level 1
  • AFACA Fusion Fitness Training Certification
    (Fundamentals, Pilates Infused Core, Vibe, Release, Relieve, Restore – Self Myofascial Release Technique, Integrated Yoga)
  • Can Fit Pro Bender Method Certification (Foundation, Total Body Explosion, Strong and Healthy Core)
  • Building the Body in Clay – Anatomy Course
  • PMA Pilates for Youth Programming Certification
  • Perfect Form Physiotherapy – Level 1 – Dance Teacher & Health Professional Intensive Course
  • Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Member
  • Self Myofascial Release For Health Professionals training with Kathleen Keller
  • Pilates Workshop For Teachers with Lori Coleman-Brown and Alisa Wyatt