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Calgary’s only lifestyle-focused studio specializing in the flow and fundamentals of Pilates, Piloxing® & Essentrics™.

Our Philosophy


Science proves regular efficient, effective movements and exercises in your 30s and 40s make it possible to live, play and compete actively into your 80s.


At Andrea Dean Pilates and Movement we use this science to increase your confidence and capability in what your body can do. By teaching you slow, disciplined movements, you learn to apply the same principles in your regular active life. We are dedicated to helping clients achieve higher levels of fitness for a greater quality of life. We offer challenging classes with variations for any fitness level.


Great posture is the foundation of better breathing, improved positive energy and a sense of accomplishment.


Exercise that focuses on lengthening your spine ensures you improve your posture every year. No shrinking violets here! All Andrea Dean Pilates and Movement classes focus on making you feel taller and more aligned with your heightened vision of your immediate and long-term health.


With principles built on precise, disciplined movements our classes teach you to feel and fuel all your muscles.


Andrea Dean Pilates and Movement classes give you more power, strength, defined muscles, lean and toned bodies. This is no fast-track to weight loss (because that’s not the point of longevity) but you will increase your capability in less time. You will be amazed what your body can do with flowing, efficient and effective movements suitable for every fitness level.


There is no point to living a long life if you cannot move your body and enjoy yourself to the fullest.


Andrea Dean Pilates and Movement classes are designed to help you achieve your long-term goals, using your long and flexible muscles into your 80s. Build your body to be even more active, with less worry of balance, breaking and becoming boring as you age! Our clients come for the fitness. They come back for the education!

What Clients Say


We offer Pilates, Piloxing® and Essentrics™ classes several times a week, both privately and in our Andrea Dean Pilates & Movement studio locations.